Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#ChooseToStart Getting Smart With New Moto E

He is the Apple of my eyes,
the one I hold since he was born,
In the warmth of my womb I held hihim nolose,
And then he came out into the vast world,
Since that day there was only a distance between us...
A distance that would only increase as the clock ticked,
And then it struck the hour when he had to go,
Away from the comfortable space we called home.
For his eyes had dreams bigger than the universe,
And I wanted him to grab ever star,
As the train sped away I gave him a hug and something that would help us keep in touch.
It was a walking phone.
I called him and he called me. 
I could hear his voice but I wished to see him.

Then came the dark clouds surrounding me.
As I walked one day down the street.
I was in my own world thinking about my son, and they snatched from my hand our mode of connection.
In a flas of a second my phone was stolen andlife came to a stand still.
I couldn't connect with himnow when ever I wanted and sadness engulfed me.
That is when I walked into an electronic shop to ask for a simple means of device, to connect with my pie,
The man told me phones too had become smarter and showed me the one he would give his mother;
The young chap was smart but his eyes smiled as he uttered those words,
He might have felt the pain of missing his mother, who was in another corner of the world.
Such is the tragedy of life that a stomach needs to be fed and heart consoled, ,
But man always believed every problem could be solved.
So I saw the ultimate attempt, by our race to make the worlds smaller place.
A smart phone called Moto E was the cutest one,
It fit my pocket both in size and budget,
Its look aesthetic, available in colors, its ends curvacious, its look gracious.
It was warm and welcoming and made me felt at home, with a user friendly system It made me fall in love.
It was sturdy and worked for as long as 9 hours.
I was shown its speed was fast and I could reach around the world in milliseconds, all I needed was a good internet connection;
There were applications called apps, and they were useful for whatever you wished to get.
I now had multiple options with Whatsapp, Viber and Skype all at the touch of my finger.
I connected with him on Skype and supriedhim. I felt he was weak but I was finally happy to see him.
His smile was worth everything in the world and thanks to MotoE for bringing me so safely and lovingly into this new world, 
Its only through you that I am always with my loved ones <3 <3 <3